Strategy, CHANGE MANAGEMENT & Culture

Align Purpose, Strategy, Culture, Leadership & Team Capacities.

With Synchronicity’s change management, facilitation, consulting and coaching, your business can:

  • Establish a meaningful purpose and a clear set of principles or values.
  • Cascade this purpose into a smart and well-communicated strategy.
  • Shape a culture that allows for the realization of its purpose through the execution of the strategy.
  • Build supportive leaderships and team capacities.
  • Measure the people side of change

The benefits of a strong, powerful purpose and set of principles is Employee Engagement.

Increasingly, people want to work for companies that share the same values as they do. This means making the ‘why we do’ what we do, as important as the ‘what we do’.  The purpose explains why the organisation, business unit or team exists and the core principles clarify what it stands for; the core guiding principles that govern how it goes about its business.

Getting this declaration clear is key to attracting talent, particularly millennials. A crucial feature of engaging this group is to have them relate to the company’s purpose and core principles. For this to happen, the purpose cannot be about making profit – it must address a broader ambition of making a difference.

A key talent attractor is a purpose-driven organisation.

Cascading purpose into strategy drives credibility, which builds trust and translates into commitment.

People demand congruence between what is promised and what is delivered. When this is present, it contributes towards building trust. This trust translates into taking heightened levels of responsibility, commitment and accountability.

A culture helps to deal with the ongoing polarities of a business, leading to wiser decisions.

Shaping a culture is one of the primary functions of leaders. The culture needs to give expression to the purpose, providing navigation points for all to act with reasonable assurance of what is and isn’t appropriate in the business.

It is less about what is right or wrong, black or white and more about how to manage the ongoing tensions which arise when dealing with existing polarities. This is what makesa healthy businesses.

Polarities can include:

  • centralised vs decentralised,
  • safety vs challenge,
  • growth vs stability,
  • sameness vs difference, and
  • innovation vs preservation.

A strong culture guides how leaders navigate these choices, whilst maintaining congruence between purpose and strategy execution.

Leadership and team capacities embody the culture and lead to improved performance.

With alignment between a purpose, principles, strategy and culture, the leadership and teaming capacities most needed become clear. Leaders and their teams can now pursue high-performance, in ways aligned with their purpose and congruent with their values.

“Purpose-driven companies make more money, have more engaged employees and are better at innovation and transformational change.”

– The Business Case for Purpose, Harvard Business Review

“[In] wildly admired, high-performing, enduring companies, society and people are not after-thoughts or inputs to be used and discarded, but are core to their purpose.”

– Rosabeth Moss Kanter

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