Purposeful Performance

Raise the Bar on Performance.

With Synchronicity’s facilitation, consulting and coaching, your business can:

  • Ensure sales teams operate with greater levels of efficiency and reduced customer churn.
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores for customer-facing teams.
  • Enjoy team dynamics being healthier, which in turn contributes to team outputs improving.
  • Increase staff retention rates as work becomes more meaningful and productive.

Raising the Bar on Performance through taking responsibility and accountability.

Just about every leader is tasked with raising the bar on performance. This can be on targeted revenue streams, reduced inefficiencies, speed to market, customer experience, service quality or levels of innovation.

Achieving these performance gains is often in the hands of the team. It is more within their circle of control than they realise. Even those elements in their outer circle of influence are heavily conditional on how the team approaches the matter.

So much of this approach begins with how the team makes sense of the world. Their worldviews or mental models heavily affect their thinking and feeling and manifest in how they show up, in action.

Shaping how people can give meaning to their world is deeply empowering and breaks them out of their victim-consciousness. This, if channelled, leads to teams taking deeper ownership for achieving their outcomes, even when this means collaborating with those they have not traditionally embraced.

Building the emotional intelligence to “take responsibility” includes building the capacity to think and act in ways that are quite different from a “command and control” worldview.

Leaders and teams need to master these skills for them to make a meaningful contribution to raising the bar.

“The true measure of the value of any business leader and manager is performance.”

– Brian Tracy

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