Leadership Teaming

Moving companies to increased levels of self-organisation

(Spiral Yellow, Laloux’s Teal, Organisational Agility or Holacracy)

With Synchronicity’s facilitation, consulting and coaching, your business can:

  • Increase levels of self-organising that leads to agile organisations operating with fewer levels of oversight.
  • Achieve greater flexibility, which is about anticipating and being prepared for change.
  • Nurture agile mind-sets to be able to thrive in complex and ambiguous operating conditions.
  • Drive self-organising, a significant contributor to becoming an employer of choice.

Moving to increased levels of self-organisation empowers, energises and engages.

Many organisations are moving to the upper-levels of the Spiral and are, increasingly, more comfortable with empowering business units and teams to operate with greater levels of autonomy. This simple but profound shift in worldview or mental model cascades into an entirely different way of working.

In moving towards self-managed environments, some teams adopt an Agile approach, others go for Holacracy and yet others, for some blend of self-managed principles.


  1. All are in search of optimal structures that yield high-responsive, customer-centric points of focus.
  2. All want their empowered teams to feel their work is purposeful and that their contributions add to this purpose.

Greater levels of ownership of performance is the ‘holy grail’ most organisations yearn for and the added value of deeply engaged teams who stay loyal to the cause, is highly appreciated.

Getting to self-managed teams is, however, only possible when leaders and teams have the cultural support from above and the emotional intelligence to handle the increased responsibility.

“When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities.This is when the magic begins.”

– Deepak Chopra

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