Facilitating sensitive, complex or contentious conversations to drive change.

With Synchronicity’s facilitation, consulting and coaching, your business can:

  • Raise ‘elephants in the room’.
  • Find agreement amidst tension-filled disagreement.
  • Learn to hold a dialogue rather than debates, so that conversations deepen and understanding grows.
  • Deepen the quality of conversations leading to wiser decisions.

Powerful facilitation helps build inclusivity and engagement.

Artful facilitation of complex or sensitive conversations is key to helping leaders and teams deal with blind-spots and awkward or outright contentious matters. In these situations, the Synchronicityteam helps to clarify, negotiate and resolve differences, carefully balancing sameness and difference to achieve inclusivity.

Powerful facilitation helps build conversation quality which, in turn, leads to wiser decisions and actions.

Conversation deepens by:

  • turning judgement into curiosity,
  • disagreement into shared exploration,
  • defensiveness into self-reflection and
  • assumptions into questions.

Meaningful conversations are reflected in a deeper appreciation of the complexities of the situation and clarify on how best to move forward. Wise decisions and sustainable solutions are the inevitable outcomes.

Powerful facilitation helps build a systemic understanding that leads to greater collaborative change.

Facilitated conversations help teams appreciate the dynamics of the systems with which they are interdependent. This increases their responsiveness to the needs of the greater system, thus making the case for collaboration.

Collaboration capacity is becoming essential for achieving change in an ever-increasing world of complexity.

“The true measure of the value of any business leader and manager is performance.”

– Brian Tracy

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